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UK Based Car Buying Service

About Us

Sell it smoothly is a UK based car buying service which is passionate and dedicated to offering the best possible customer experience when selling a vehicle.

A team of expert car buyers.

We have a team of expert car buyers, with over 25 years of experience within the motor trade who will make the sale of your car quick, easy, safe and most importantly smooth...

We will personally come to your location of choice, whether that be your home or work to collect your car   free of charge once the guaranteed same day payment has been instructed.


Best of all Sell it smoothly does not charge for the sale of your vehicle. That's right the smoothest sale with no hidden fees or charges, what we offer is what you get​!

UK Vehicle Broker Specialist

Our Promise.

UK Car Selling Sell It Smoothly

At Sell It Smoothly we endeavour to do exactly what it says on the tin and that's to give our customers as smooth of a transaction as possible when selling their car.


It is said that a large number of customers that who use some of Britain's biggest car buying sites do not receive the original price offered when it comes to selling their vehicle. We at Sell It Smoothly thought there must be a better way, which is why we now offer a guaranteed valuation.


Our only terms to this is that your vehicle must match the description you gave us once the vehicle has been appraised by one of our friendly car buyers. Therefore, as long as you're honest with us we can be honest with you and guarantee your price for up 5 days from your initial quote. No haggling, no hassle, just a quick and easy sale of your old car.


Sounds good? Then why not input your vehicles details on our valuation page for your free no obligation quote.

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